TravelTrondheim, NorwayNovember 14, 2015

Since a couple of years I’ve been craving to visit Norway. Every time I saw pictures I started dreaming of amazing fjords, wide landscapes and pure tranquility. When the opportunity came to visit Trondheim I booked my ticket right away.

I flew by myself from Amsterdam to Trondheim and it was the most relaxing flight I ever had – the plane was practically empty so I could chitchat with the stewardess and when we began to get closer to Trondheim, we were both under the impression of what unfolded; the landscape beneath us started to change into beautiful snow-covered mountains and deserted landscapes as far as the eye could reach.

I met up with my best friend Kenny and the days that followed I discovered the city. It isn’t very big, but I was incredibly charmed by the tiny wooden houses and the area of Bakklandet near the Nidelva river. When it wouldn’t be so could, I swore I could’ve stayed in the area for hours. On sunday we took a bus into the mountains and discovered there was already snow and a lot of fog, so I looked somewhat like a child on christmas day when I felt the snow crunch beneath my feet. I am totally aware of the fact that I took way too many pictures, but I loved the scenery and I really hope that’s a legit excuse.

In the evening we managed to see the northern lights above Trondheim. The activity was not really high but my camera managed to take some pictures after all. We didn’t last long looking because of the cold and the fact our toes were totally freezing off.

I left Trondheim, knowing I would get back within just a matter of time to visit another piece of Norway.