TRAVELHoge Veluwe, Netherlands12 March, 2016

If there’s one thing I’m crazy about concerning nature (next to mountains), it’s the scenery of sand and deserted landscapes, as far as the eye can reach. Belgium is not really a winner in that section, but our Dutch neighbors are, so we booked a weekend and hopped on in the car. We drove 2 hours to the ‘Hoge Veluwe’. After the city trips of the past months, this calm and relaxed surrounding actually was very welcome. It’s not that I hate flying, but I hate the long waits, the stressy moments, the check-ins, the hundreds of ‘wait, do we have everything?’ or ‘we’re going to miss the plane, we need to take the bus right now, hurry!’ I like the independency much more which makes me a big fan of the freedom of my own car. Therefore, I was so thankful for this short getaway-without-a-plane. These two days were filled with long walks along the dunes and into the woods, lots of eating, swimming, a sauna, lots of talking, a long and hot bath, and enjoying the most cosy sheets on sunday morning.
The weather was amazing and everything we could have wished for; sun was shining and birds were whispering. They told us it was finally springtime.