TravelBavaria, GermanyAugust 7, 2016

Midst of summer.
And while we had decided in june that we weren’t going on a vacation in the summer months, wanderlust came lurking around the corner. We checked the weather, ignored the deadlines and took four days off from work. We made an amazing map with small illustrations and a detailed route that would take us to the nicest places and…Packed our bags, ready to leave on saturday night. On friday evening we had a small birthday dinner with family and afterwards we had a BBQ with friends. We didn’t meant for it to became late, but it kinda did. So we slept for about four hours and took off with little eyes, yawning the night away in the car.

The scenery of this four days was amazing. Bright, sunny days and freedom as far as the eye could reach. I’ve visited the area a couple of times before but I could never get tired of this. We visited a lot of lakes in Germany and Austria, right across the border, went for an evening trail walk right before it was completely dark and made a lot of stops along the way for our necessary food-stash – story of our lives for sure.