LIFESummerSeptember 1, 2016

What a strange summer it has been.
First of all, we moved into a new house. We had been looking for a place for five months or so until this place suddenly popped up. It has so much light sunglasses are much needed when having our breakfast at the kitchen table on a clear and sunny day – it’s insane.

We decided not go on a big vacation this summer. Instead we took some days off and prepared some small trips. We visited our family a lot and decorated the new house together. We had friends for a cozy lunch on sunday or a small dumpling party in the evening. (We also baked a lòt, I’m in love with my new oven. We tried some new things like lemon curd crumble, white chocolate cake and blueberry pie). We took some very small trips to Germany, Austria and France and enjoyed the scenery. We even went dog sitting for a couple of days in the middle of nowhere between beautiful apple orchards and afterwards we visited my parents at the beach for a couple of days. Our new fun-thing to do on a free saturday was picking berries and making marmelade.

Days well spent. Summer has been so marvelous and beautiful, but I can’t wait for fall. For a warm coat, a cozy scarf, a book on my lap, chai tea and a house smelling like apple cake with cinnamon.