For me, it’s quite difficult to write something about myself, but I’ll try to give you a small insight.

I love mornings. Mornings where I wake up extremely early. Making and having breakfast while the universe is still quiet.
I adore the simplicity of life. At the moment I live in the middle of nowhere and I quite love it here. I’m always thinking and I have a very restless mind. I’m very grateful for what I own and who I surround myself with, but I’m also very pensive. It makes me want to move further in life in every way. To encounter new people, listen to their stories. I can never be busy enough, yet on some moments my girlfriend demands me to sit still. Sometimes I actually listen to her, so we try to take some time off every sunday (but sometimes we fail, of course).
When I’ve got some time off, I like to travel. Or drive endless roads. Visit cities and let the crowd decide my route. Bake and cook a whole day in the kitchen (hoping someone will do my dishes). Play cards. Sit and relax with a movie. Go for a long walk. Have friends over for diner or read a good book.