First of all I guess you’re interested in some more information about booking me for a shoot or a wedding. I can’t describe how honestly thankful I am that you like my work and that you even consider letting me into your life for a brief moment.

Over the past couple of years I realized my storytelling is not for everyone. I like to create moody, artistic and true images. Intimate images that tell the story of a small second, the story between two people. I value the picture of a crying father during the ceremony at a wedding much more than having every single guest on film at a wedding with 300+ guests. I’m not interested in capturing every single minute of an event – I enjoy capturing the small and emotional moments, therefore these are the ones that will last a lifetime. These are the raw moments you don’t want to forget. At weddings I’m always there but I intend not to be visible all the time. I like photojournalism much more than posed images.

I love a sincere connection with the people I photograph. At a shoot I’m very down to earth. I think it’s important to get along and have a relaxed surrounding. That way I can tell your story with beautiful imaginery that fits you best. I love couples and persons who are adventurous, open-minded, wild at heart, creative and who are not afraid to break the traditional (wedding)-rules.

When you’re in doubt of having me as your photographer, just look at my portfolio. When you like what you see, please shoot me an e-mail. When you’re not sure, there’s absolutely nothing to be worried about. There are so many photographers in this world – please find one that fits you perfectly.
When you love honest photography with a relaxed, moody and documentary twist, it’s quite possible I could be the one you’re looking for. Let’s start talking – I would love to hear your story.


Me as your photographer?


If you let me, I’d love to be your photographer. I’m available worldwide for wedding, portrait, food or lifestyle-shoots.

At weddings, I try to be invisible. This way I can capture the most spontaneous moments. These are the moments that truly reflect the way you felt. I like to document your wedding exactly as it is; from little details to overview shots and intimate moments. Most people are somewhat nervous at their couple shoot, but I’ll give you some instructions to help you both on your way. We’ll figure it out together and there’s no need to worry. I’m very social and laid-back and I will most likely enter your wedding or shoot with my slippers on. (Just so you know in advance!)

I love working with natural light so I never do studio work – not for food, neither for portrait, lifestyle or wedding shoots. I only use my flash at special occasions like events or weddings, but when I can shoot without – I will.




What are your prices?
Shoot me an e-mail or use the contact form at ‘contact’ and I’ll send you some package info.

I’ve e-mailed you but I didn’t receive an answer. Why not?
Normally I reply to e-mails within 48 hours, but these days I try to keep sundays to myself and the people that I love. When you don’t receive an answer within 3 days, something went wrong (let’s be mad together!). When you’re up for it, try again or contact me trough my page on Facebook.

How many photos do we get?
It depends on the package deal. For weddings I normally deliver 400+. For a regular shoot I have a minimum of 80 pictures that you will receive. I never give my RAW-images to my clients.

When do we get our photos?
During busy periods (wedding season for example) it gets quite busy. Normally you can count on three months for a wedding and +- a month max. for a regular shoot. If you need your images sooner because of deadlines, we can work something out.

Do you travel for shootings?
I do. Like almost all human beings, I love traveling. Tell me about your plans and we’ll work something out.

Do you also design our wedding invitation and branding?
I do. I have a master in graphic design and illustration. I have a small graphic brand together with Janice Lievens called Hermân. Shoot us an e-mail!

Do you also offer videography?
For videography I work together with Janice Lievens. She studied film and has a very creative eye for storytelling trough video. For info and prices you can always contact her at janice@hermâ